On October 29, East Bay DSA members will vote on whether to endorse Jovanka Beckles for California Assembly District 15 and/or Gayle McLaughlin for California Lieutenant Governor. If East Bay DSA votes to endorse one or both candidates, members will cast a further vote on whether or not to offer significant "boots on the ground" resources to that candidate's campaign.

To help create robust discussion in the lead-up to voting, and to ensure all sides of this important question have a shared space to air their arguments, all East Bay DSA members and groups are invited to publish position statements laying out their opinions on the questions of whether to endorse Beckles and/or McLaughlin and if so, how heavily East Bay DSA should be involved in campaigning for them.

Endorsement Statements

See what your fellow East Bay DSA members have to say about these electoral endorsements.

A vote for "Minimal Resources" indicates support for endorsing the candidate(s) but not engaging in any campaigning, while a vote for "Significant Resources" indicates support for participating in campaigning for the candidate or candidates. This could include things like incorporating candidate materials into current East Bay DSA canvassing and/or encouraging East Bay DSA members to attend candidate-run canvasses and events.


Strong support

Minimal support

Statement Requirements

Statements should be

  • About a specific possible vote on one or both candidate endorsements and present a clear argument for or against (for example, "East Bay DSA should not endorse [candidate] because of [these reasons]")
  • Between 250 and 750 words (suggested)
  • Submitted by East Bay DSA members, individually or as joint or co-signed statements (collaboration is encouraged)

Endorsement Statement Submission

Submit your statement on East Bay DSA electoral endorsements with the form below.

Submit your statement

All statements will be published as submitted, provided that

  • The author or authors are East Bay DSA members in good standing
  • The statement is on the topic of electoral endorsements
  • Its arguments are made in the spirit of comradely debate and do not include hate speech or ad hominem content